Shelf Stable Artful Elegance

  • Self-stable pepper and Swiss cheeses with mixed nuts and treats
  • Bamboo board with mini cleaver
  • Food gifts for any budget, taste, and size
  • Great for executive, customer, and employee holiday gifts
  • Individual mailing carton is included at no charge.
6 $87.95 each
48 $87.65 each
96 $86.95 each
What's better than Wisconsin cheese? Wisconsin cheese and other gourmet selections! Blocks of private label shelf stable mild pepper and Swiss cheese are accompanied by fresh-roasted nuts, pure honey, crackers for serving, and a smooth bar of Godiva® chocolate to finish things off. All of this delicious experience comes packed on a stylish, sustainable bamboo board with a handle cutout and your firebranded imprint for one unforgettable gift. Serves 10-12.

Product Size
Cutting Board: 13 L x 9.5 W x 0.375 H

4 lb each.

Additional Information
Private Stock Mild Pepper Cheese, 7 oz.
Private Stock Swiss Cheese, 7 oz.
Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers, 2 oz.
Deluxe Mixed Nuts, 5 oz.
Dried Apricots, 1 oz.
Pure Honey, 1 oz.
Godiva® Chocolate Caramel Bar, 1.1 oz.
Meat & Cheese Cleaver
Honey Dipper



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Blue River Specialties
Prague, OK 74864
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