Embroidery Locations

Embroidery is priced by the number of stiches in your logo.  Embroidery is not charged by the number of colors in your logo.  You can use up to 6 thread colors at no extra cost.  A small left chest logo usually ranges anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 stiches. 

Here are some estimated stitch counts for Embroidery:

  • Logo size 2" x 1.5" = approximately 5,000 stitches

  • Logo size 3" x 1.5" = approximately 6,500 stitches

  • Logo size 2" x 3" = approximatetly 7,500 stitches

  • Logo size 3" x 3" = approximately 9,000 stitches

  • Tips to reduce the cost of your Embroidery charges

    • Reduce the size of your logo.

    • The more you order, the lower the cost per item.


Embroidery Thread Color Chart

Below are three different color charts from Madiera.  Please be aware that his is one of many thread suppliers in the industry.

Classic Rayon

Polyneon 100% Polyester

Frosted Matt



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